The hostel has 2 Blocks with 100 rooms (single, double and triple beds) and can accommodate 300 students. The hostel provides 2 messes and there are 2 dining halls with modern kitchen facilities. Visitors' Room, Reading Room, Music Room, Television Room, Prayer Hall, Meeting Hall, Play Ground are the other facilities provided in this hostel.



Students are admitted to the New Hostel only after they secure admission to the College and after a personal interview with the Director. The parent of the applicant is required to be present at the time of the interview.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Each one is responsible for the cleanliness of the room as well as of his immediate surroundings. This goes a long way in making the hostel more healthy and an enjoyable place to live in. Pasting pictures and papers on the walls, doors or windows of the living room and driving nails on the walls are strictly forbidden. Common furniture and property should be responsibly used. Hence damage of any kind to furniture and other common articles should be brought immediately to the notice of the Director or Asst. Director who may deal with the situation at his discretion.


Wholesome food is supplied in the hostel mess with the intention of helping the students to happily pursue their studies. We expect the students and parents to understand and appreciate the difficulties involved in running a mess for a big group of students. The hostel provides two messes: Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. Change from one mess to another is permitted only on the first day of the month with the approval of the Director. Meals will be served at the following hours:

Breakfast : 7.00 am. to 8.00 am.
Lunch : 1.15 pm. to 2.00 pm.
Dinner : 7.00 pm. to 8.00 pm.

Study and Silence

All are expected to be present on the reopening day of the College i.e. whenever the College reopens after a break. All should attend classes punctually and be present in their rooms during study hours. The hostel should be a place where at certain hours, all the students are able to do quiet, undisturbed and serious study.

Absence from the hostel at night without written permission from the Director is a serious fault. If anyone has a good reason to go out after 8.30 pm. or expects to return late, he should obtain a late-chit either from the Director or the Asst. Director. Day scholars are not allowed inside the hostel premises during silence hours and during class hours.


Responsibility and self-discipline are the only means to success in life and these are necessary for community living. To help the students acquire responsibility and self-discipline and with a view to providing order and harmony in the hostel campus and an atmosphere for hard work and study, the following guidelines are presented.